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December 6, 2007

Last reading… *tear

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As I read the epilogue of Wages Of War, I thought about our own research papers.  It took hours to complete research and write an eight page paper.  All the sources we read in class took provided a semester’s worth of research for our final essay.  I glanced at the page number which read 422 and I wondered how long it must have taken Severo and Lewis to complete their book.  The two historians must have spent years and years, doing thorough research on all American Wars and years and years constructing and editing their findings.  It must have been gratifying and rewarding to see their book after it had been finished.  The same goes for Gambone’s book.

I thought it was interesting that The Greatest Generation Comes Home discussed the men from wars such as the Revolutionary War.  I’ve come to discover from this class that each generation of soldiers had significant effects on each other.  They set presidents on expectable treatment, medical services, and war tactics.  History was truly relevant and important to them.  When it was ignored, the same mistakes were made.  For example, the men of the Revolutionary War  made it clear that pensions were vital to keep the peace of the veterans.  A few wars down the line the government started to honor their services with money, but progress was slow.

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  1. stryon Says:

    I agree. With each war came new policies which were expected to be followed by the next generation. We tend to think that Vietnam veterans had it terrible because of the expectations left behind by the WWII veterans.